03 September, 2011


Now that's jolly useful

If you live in London you will be familiar with the "countdown" displays at many bus stops, giving the estimated number of minutes until the next bus. When the bus stop displays were first trialled they were pretty hit-or-miss; locating buses with GPS is no great shakes nowadays but accounting for variations in traffic delays is clearly a two-pipe problem. But they must've been honing their algorithms 'cos these days the forecasts seem to be pretty reliable.

The ever-excellent and exhaustive Diamond Geezer alerts us to a new TfL service which puts these displays online.

Now if I can get that one working on my mobile, tharral be a cracker.

Nice to be able to write about something positive for once.

"Now if I can get that one working on my mobile, tharral be a cracker. "

If you've got a smartphone, as soon as it's available online, someone'll start work on an app for it!

Probably the guy whose already got a London Bus app (it currently just reads from the database of timetables).

Got it working, sort of. The TfL website has a text-based interface available, which works on my phone (Nokia 5230). Once I've registered my bus stops of interest, it will be very simple to call up a display.

Not as sexy as the full monty with the panning interactive maps an' all, but a decided improvement on a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Whether a dedicated app for Nokia (Symbian OS) is in the offing remains to be seen. All the effort seems be going into iPhone and Android. I have a feeling my next phone may not be a Nokia, which is shame because they've served me well for the last 12 - 13 years.

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