30 August, 2011


Tribal balkanization news

A further example of the sort of intercommunal violence between alien groups resident on European turf which I referred to in my recent posts [1][2] about the miraculous intervention of The Blessed Tariq Jahan.

Nigerians in Mallorca go on the rampage after one of their number dies, allegedly at the hands of a Romany. And why, in the name of Fuck are there enough Nigerians in Mallorca to constitute a "community" in the first place? Still, I suppose it keeps the bastards away from Woolwich.

Interesting link Edwin.

It suggests that the Nigerians are peeved that the Roma get more kid glove treatment from the Spanish cops than they do. However, given that the Roma are EU citizens, and thus more difficult to chuck out, that suggests to me that the Spanish cops at least have their priorities right. They are more likely to get a good result (ie deportation) if they target theiving , confidence trickstering Nigerians instead of thieving, confidence trickstering Roma.

The Nigerians, of ,cannot work this out, blinded as they are by their massively inflated sense of entitlement and racial grievance.

That should be 'of course' in the final paragraph above

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