31 August, 2011


Tales from the Multiculture - integration proceeds apace

Good news! Integration of the ethnic minorities into mainstream culture is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

As I made my way to the ATM to convert a modest fraction of my accumulated lucre into anonymous beer tokens. I was accosted by a gentleman of highly indeterminate ethnicity. Spade with a touch of wog, or vice versa, perhaps; I think that sort of malarkey goes on in the Caribbean. Alas not quite in the Tiger Woods class of material achievement, though, as he asked me for spare change in a tone of voice which challenged me not to dare an impudent denial of his entitlement. I refused politely.

Concluding my transaction with the machine, I turned to walk on, only to encounter our friend again, repeating his demand for spare change. What the fuck was he expecting, a gash £20 note? I fear my reply was rather less polite this time round.

I've always marvelled at those street beggars who sit beside ATMs hoping to shame folk into dropping them the odd tenner. I might have more sympathy for their chutzpah had I not also watched them reporting in on their mobiles to their "co-ordinator" when their shift came to an end.

This was beautiful downtown Greenwich by the way. This beggar is a relatively new one on me. Looks a bit like a younger version of long-term Greennwich fixture Joe the Parasite, and has the same arrogant manner. Perhaps it's a family business.

Uncharitable rant ends.

The sense of entitlement, and the corresponding moral outrage when refused, seems to be commonplace amongst today's beggars, scroungers and blaggers; as does a carefully crafted undertone of menace in the initial 'request'.
Funnily enough its a tone identical to that of a lifelong benefits claimant voicing their exasperation to a terrified 18 year old DSS clerk at the late arrival of the weekly giro.
From the beggars point of view, I suppose, all they're doing is cutting out the middleman.
Think of all the money the government could save in administration costs if they abolsihed the dole, but legalised mugging. Wait, we're nearly halfway there already...............

In New York my wife and I were approached by a huge black man who pointed out that my wife's handbag was open. Kind of the chap, and he duly held out his hand out for a "tip"

No need for him to ask or say anything, his bulk and look told me to pay up or else. To my shame, I gave him a couple of dollars.

But that was 1989 and I thought, hey, never get this in England, right?

Apparently I was wrong. Thanks to the EUSSR we can now import hordes of beggars even if we can't grow our own.

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