31 August, 2011


Tales from the Multiculture - a correction

Those who are kind enough to read this drivel regularly may have noticed that the "Tales from the Multiculture" series majors heavily on public transport in London, and in particular on how the trains are packed to the gunwales with persons of a non-indigenous persuasion jabbering away on their mobiles in foreign. Or more frequently jabbering on one mobile while keying stuff into another. Busy little bees, whatever it is they are up to.

Not that trains have gunwales, but you know what I mean.

I have to report a correction. You see, I do most of my travelling offpeak. Even when I was working in a proper 40 hour a week job until a few years ago, I was generally able to avoid the full-on 9-5 commuter crush; being an IT wallah called upon to make frequent out-of-hours and weekend attendances does have its quid pro quos*.

Recently, however, circumstances have compelled me to undertake a number of local rail journeys at the height of the peak, squeezed in with the rest of the hoi polloi. And the difference in demographic is startling. You can almost imagine yourself back in pre-Neather London.

So then it would appear that during the peak hours the trains are full of White people. But during the offpeak the trains are full of Dark people.

Make of that what you will.

* quid pro quos: apparently the correct plural form of quid pro quo is quæ pro quibus. Now that would be really showing off.

Edwin- I do hope your term 'pre-Neather London' gains traction, at least among the unrighteous, who are prepared to take His Name in vain.

As for The Man Himself, he seems to have used his time as a SpAd at the Home Office as a springboard to pastures new (following in the footsteps of such distiguished company as Clare Short, Diane Abbott, and the Blessed Shami)-in his case with a journalism gig at the ES.

The pattern appears to be-

1.Damage the country irreparably when on the Govt. payroll (Short, in her time at the Home Office, had a hand in the Jenkins amnesty for illegal 'new commonwealth' immigrants, and in the 'Rehabilitation of Offenders Act'- both 1974).
2. Move on to a higher profile gig subsequently, on the fraudulent basis that you did 'good work' when in 'public service'.

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