09 August, 2011


Riot news - Greenwich

So I went down to see what the SP was in Greenwich this afternoon. More or less total lockdown, with 98% of shops closed and shuttered. At 2 in the afternoon. Crowds of bemused tourists milling about.

A precautionary early shutdown I could understand, but this is pathetic.

The remaindered book shop in Church Street* epitomizes the degree of capitulation,

Look, I'm empty. Please don't smash the door down!

Or quite possibly Greenwich High Road, he emended sheepishly. Baa!

Total lockdown in Barking and Dagenham too, with lots of shops shuttered and barred, I'm told, but more because the locals are worried that the London riots will drain the borough of police, allowing opportunistic local thieves....

What of the various communities that make up rainbow SE London ? Who rioted and who didn't?

I wonder what happened to the Somalis in Brum, Bristol and other places ? No strangers to a scrap or to going round in gangs, but were they out looting and fighting ?

The impression I get is that round here it was largely the assimilated Blacks -- the ones that speak yer fluent Jafaican, lahk, innit, as their first language -- and their Wigger underclass admirers.

I suspect our local Somalis would consider associating with such people as beneath their dignity.

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