02 August, 2011


Life on Mars

Ah,where would we be without the Socialist Unity blog for our occasional nourishing dose of 1960s/70s nostalgia? Thank you, Andy, thank you. Cheered me up no end.

The commenter (I wonder how long he'll last) obviously gets the anachronistic irony too.

I checked the date, and checked again..... but April 1 it ain't.

Comrade Chavez? Oh gawd.......

First time I've remembered Wolfie Smith in years.

isn't it funny how a tin-pot third world dictator, providing he calls himself a "socialist" gets unqualified praise and support from western lefties?

That's the thing that I am coming to realise about the left wing; to be a fully paid-up member you have to have no critical faculty whatsoever. The more you accept trash without question, the more you are accepted into their narrow worlds.

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