30 August, 2011


Is Ketlan psychic?

Or is he losing what few marbles he had and becoming totally paranoid.

A kebab outlet in Leicester was destroyed in an explosion in the small hours of Monday. As of this writing media reports (eg this at the Mail) tell us that foul play is suspected and that six people have been arrested by police. A body has been recovered from the wreckage, so this is now a murder inquiry.

None of the media reports, most of them repeated from a single source, identify the suspects in any way, beyond the fact that they are two men and four women. An unusual gender ratio for a violent crime of this nature, to be sure, but beyond that there is absolutely no indication yet of who or why.

And yet Ketlan Ossowski ('Antifascist') sees fit to repost the BBC news report at Lancaster Unity, adding the following tags,

Does he know something the rest of us don't, or does Ketlan automatically assume that all violence in this country is the work of the EDL? Perhaps he can enlighten us.

Aren't the EDL, according to little Nicky Lowles, flush with dubiously sourced funds at the moment ?

If they were, wouldn't they be consulting their lawyers to see if Ossowski's insinuations were actionable ?

I think we should be told.

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