02 August, 2011



Time for a pointless joke, I think.

Alerted that they had been, if you'll pardon the expression, grassed up, and that the police would be waiting for them when they landed, the smugglers flew low over a small island inhabited only by nesting seabirds, where they jettisoned their cargo of marijuana, hoping to return for it later.

Unfortunately for them, the crew of a passing boat had seen them and reported the incident to the authorities. The smugglers were arrested and the following day a coastguard cutter was dispatched to the island to recover the contraband.

Announcing to a subsequent press conference that the suspects had been released without charge for lack of evidence, the inspector explained how his men had discovered some torn sacking on the island but absolutely no trace of the suspected cargo of narcotics. "Did you search thoroughly?", asked a sceptical reporter. "Absolutely", insisted the inspector, his hackles rising somewhat. "What's more, I can categorically assure you that no tern was left unstoned."

Permission to groan granted.

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