26 August, 2011



From Socialist Worker Online,

We have a right to march against the EDL racists

In an unprecedented step, Scotland Yard has applied to the home secretary to ban all marches in five London boroughs for 30 days starting from 2 September.

This means that the English Defence League march in Tower Hamlets, east London, set for 3 September will be banned. But the blanket ban will also cover the counter-demonstration organised by Unite against Fascism and United East End.

The English Defence League still plan to come to Tower Hamlets to hold a static protest.

Already anti-racist activists in Tower Hamlets have put out calls for the counter-demonstration to go ahead. Socialist Worker backs all those who want to stand up to the racists. We call on everyone to come to Tower Hamlets to show that the racist EDL is not welcome.

Everyone who opposes racism and fascism should protest about the ban, which denies us our right to stand up to the EDL, and should mobilise to come to Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3 September.

(My emphasis)


Yes, there's a similar "surely to fuck they don't mean us too?" alarm piece in the Morning Star.

"But the Met application also seeks to ban all marches in five London boroughs over a 30-day period. This could include anti-fascist, trade union and other progressive marches. Whether the blanket will be thrown over the proposed Cable Street 75th anniversary events is not yet clear."

Let me give you a clue, my little "progressive" giro-bunnies : the answer is a big fat fucking yes.

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to piss yourself laughing.

The thousands who petitioned the Council, the Police and the Home Office will feel that they have achieved a victory. The EDL had no intention of marching , got the publicity and remain physically and reputationally intact.

Score draw.

I don't think it'll make much odds. EDL are still planning on a static assembly, which is a lot harder to ban than a procession. The more hotheaded elements of the Unwashed will turn out to assert their divine rights to smash the fash. And the local Muzzie yoot don't recognize British Law anyway.

Should be a good day. I'm staying South of the River.

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