27 August, 2011


Angelfood McSpade rides again

Islam v Europe has a post up about a confectionery called Negro on sale in Switzerland. As might be expected, this appellation has attracted the wrathful attentions of the po-faced and professionally offended in the corporate person of a body called the Commission fédérale contre le racisme. Even the robustly sensible Swiss suffer from this sort of bollocks.

You want offensive, I'll give you offensive. The reference to edible negroes immediately brought to mind this Robert Crumb cartoon.

Click for full-size offensiveness. (Source.)

It's about time a few more Crumb characters made the Big Screen, given that Fritz the Cat is nearly 40 years old.

Imagine a scenario where Angelfood McSpade (now a NATO undercover spy) teams up with Lenore Goldberg & Her Girl Commandoes, to pacify the remnants of Qaddaffi's Libya!

If there were an Oscar category for offending the righteous, such a scenario would surely be the early show favourite.

"The reference to edible negroes immediately brought to mind this Robert Crumb cartoon. "

About 20-25 years ago, I read a book - soft sci-fi riffing on 'Soylent Green' - about a future dystopia where edible blacks ('ediblacks') were raised as food, with the resat of the population unaware they were human. It was called 'End Product'.

It was by someone famous in another field, Barry Norman the film critic. I remember checking it out of the library (and that alone shows how long ago this was).

Interesting, probably influenced by his experiences as a journalist in South Africa.

I wonder what sort of review Barry Norman would give to Mark's Angelfood fillum. Marc Lawson or Bidisha Missingsurname would undoubtedly physically explode with indignation, leaving a nasty slimy mess all over the studio walls, but I rather suspect that Norman's response would be more wry.

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