11 July, 2011


Sauce, goose and gander - refugee edition

BBC news (World Service, Today programme) has been reporting that the Kenyan authorities are dragging their feet on providing additional facilities for Somali refugees fleeing the emerging Horn of Africa famine. This despite an additional camp being ready to bring into use but currently standing empty while the existing Dadaab facilities are bursting at the seams.

Paraphrasing from memory,

While they are willing to help fellow Africans, the Kenyan [authorities] are concerned about accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees who may wish to settle permanently.

Now there's interesting, look you. The Kenyans will accept Somali refugees but (a) they expect them to go home when the life-threatening danger from which they fled has abated, and (b) while the Somalis remain in Kenya they are accommodated in dedicated camps rather than being dispersed across Kenyan society.

Hmm. Perhaps there's something we Europeans can learn here.

Nah. You're comparing European apples and African oranges there. See, we're white and rich and imperialist and oppressive etc. so we should invite the world and his wife to stay at our gaff for nothing. Kenya, meanwhile, is populated by Kenyans, who are black, poor, oppressed, etc. so they cannot be expected to extend the same courtesy to their afflicted African brethren. Oh, and any Kenyan actions can't be CONDEMNED as RACIST either, even if those same actions would be classed as racist were the UK authorities to do them.

Is that how it goes in the Self-Loathing Liberal Cunt Playbook?

A small Scottish island (while the Jocks are still part of the UK, natch) would make an ideal refugee camp. All incoming illegals and their extended families, diverse relatives and vaguely associated whole villages etc, can be comfortably housed there and when they are fed up with the gales and rain they can freely go home.

"This gate hangs well and hinders none. Refresh and pay and carry on." Old pub sign that we could have as our national motto.

It's not all bad news on the immigration front :

(Immigration Advisory Service goes into administration)

They'll be weeping in the WritLayers Arms tonight. But nowhere else.

"Immigration Advisory Service goes into administration"

Well, whoop-de-doo. There is a God, and Keith Best is not His prophet.

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