20 July, 2011


Nurse? The screens!

I wonder how long it will be before the conspiracy theorists explain how yesterday's "pie in face" attack at the Murdochs' select committee hearing — Piegate as it is inevitably already being called — was organized by MI6 at the behest of the NWO or ZOG or the Bilderberg Compliance Executive and that Wendi's much remarked right hook was the result of weeks of training by a 20th Century Fox stuntman.

Just wondrin'.

Today's question:

Q. What d'you call a boatman who transports vegetables by canal?

A. An Onion Bargee.

In some quarters there are mutterings about the possibility that Murdoch was wired up to a link with one of his lawyers at the hearing(like Goldfinger & the girl played by Shirley Eaton in the fillum, only more discreet). This would explain the 'Pinteresque' long pauses to his answers to the more hardball questions (not that there were too many in this category).

What got me wondrin' was how much more doddery his demeanour was before the select committee, compared to the image of Elderly Vigour he exuded as recently as last week. Then he gave quick witted responses when doorstepped in the company of Rebekah, and was photographed jogging in Hyde Park for crissakes! Was his demeanour yesterday real or 'coached' a la X Factor ?

The 'pie in the face' was relatively trivial but it did add to the theatre of it all. That's all this is, theatre for the masses while the real agenda is pursued. It could easily have been a prearranged stunt but it's just as likely that the perpetrator was just whipped up into a frenzy by the media furore.

The New World Order is no more than a euphemism (used by the 'elites') for world government. They're not even hiding it from you. Granted you have to wade through an awful lot of nonsense (disinformation) but the evidence is there if you take the time to look for it.

The Bilderberger's aren't pulling the strings, they're relatively low down in the control structure. So who is the tip top of the pyramid?

As they say, all roads lead to Rome. Haven't they always?

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