28 July, 2011


Numerology corner

They do get offly worked up with their obsessive numerological hermeneutics, don't they? Linkhopping, I came across this post on Political Scrapbook (cancel past the idiot popup if it appears), breathlessly revealing the questionable use of the number 88 by some EDL wallah (inferred or actual).

I've no idea whether said geezer is your actual Adolf Hitler-worshiping Neonazi who spends his time, when not out on marches or wanking, pacing up and down his living room siegheiling towards a shrine to the Führer and frightening the cat, or is just being confrontational, or just taking the piss to annoy the soapdodgers, or is a bingo fan. Frankly I don't much care, though it is all mildly entertaining.

This sort of stuff reminds me of the exchange some months ago between a particularly Righteous established CiFer and a relatively new poster whose moniker had the suffix 88.

Aha! quoth the Righteous one, Gotcha! Your use of the suffix 88, secret code for AH = Adolf Hitler, unmasks you as a Nazi! [*]

Er, no, replied the newbie, it's the year of my birth. I'm 22, I was born in 1988.

No idea what they'd make of the 48 in my URL: dogwash48.blogspot.com. As it goes, 1948 is indeed the year of my birth; I added it when registering because Blogger wouldn't let me have plain dogwash.

Afterthought: Now that the initials ABB are so infamously linked with a certain Norwegian chappy currently in the news, d'you reckon the engineering multinational Asea Brown Boveri will have to change its name?

And while I think about it, ABB Transportation has been a significant supplier to London Underground, innit, and those three evil letters are to be seen all over the place. I think London Underground has some explaining to do. Hold on a minute, London Underground is part of Transport for London, and who does TfL report to? That's right — Boris Johnson. Another right-wing blond.

It's all becoming clear now.

No, Nurse, please, not the injection just yet. I've just uncovered the master plan and I've got to post it to the Internet before — whispers — They come for me.

* Oops. Bucko in the comments shames me into remembering that 88 actually stands for HH = Heil Hitler!

I thought the secret code for AH was 18?

Yes you're right of course.

18 = AH = Adolf Hitler.

88 = HH = Heil Hitler!

I plead insanity, like Mr Breivik's lawyer.

Ahh. I geddit.
I knew there was an 18 but not an 88.

Key of the Door = Adolf Hitler ?
Two fat ladies = Heil Hitler ?
I must tell Seamus Milne about the local bingo hall, he'll be wery cwoss.

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