06 July, 2011


And now a word from our sponsor...

I have, with regret, re-enabled the "word verification" requirement on comments.

I must say Blogger's spam filter is very impressive. It has been remarkably effective in suppressing all of the actual commercial spam while making only 3 false positives since the feature was added. However each spam comment, filtered out or no, is also emailed to me for review anyway and, as the number of spam attempts relentlessly rises the — how can I put this? — proctalgogenous effect of checking these emails has reached an unnacceptable level.

Spammers of the world, I am grateful for your interest and for your many kind offers of very reasonably priced Viagra, amenable Russian brides and interesting prescription drugs with names I've never heard of before. Thank you for your offers to unlock the iPhone I don't have. As for those fake Chanel bags — just what sort of girl do you think I am?

It's been fun, up to a point. Now fuck off!

(While I'm on the subject, I haven't had any offers from those kind folks in West Africa recently, asking for my help in releasing orphaned bank accounts with infeasible oodles of moolah sloshing around in them. Have I upset them with my rather, er, direct views on Nigerians? Didn't mean it chaps! Honest! To show there's no hard feelings, how about I sell you a 99-year lease on the rest of Thamesmead? At a knock-down price of just $419,000,000,000 US Dollars, payable in advance. But for that price you'll have to turf out the Vietnamese yourselves.)

I don't seem to get much spam, so for me, checking the spam filter (or rather, remembering to do so) has been a bit of a pain.

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