14 July, 2011


Like a very slow reverse striptease

The Docklands Light Railway (may Allah be well chuffed with it) has been a remarkable success story. Its extension projects, in particular the Lewisham and Woolwich projects which are of direct interest to me, have been completed on or before the projected date. And so one might have expected of the Canning Town - Stratford International branch, largely justified off the back of the Olympics and HS1.

But, as the Diamond Geezer reminds us today, the project is now somewhat overdue. Rumours abound, including dark tales of fearless teams of Chinese pikeys repeatedly nicking the signalling cable and shipping it back to feed the furnaces of Guangzhou.

If TfL have simply decided to defer opening until associated traffic-generating developments — the Olympics, Westfield, Stratford International — catch up, well why don't they just say so?

But tantalizing clues do leak out, like this redrawn route map I saw over the door of a DLR train yesterday.

As the late Kenneth Williams so eloquently put it, "Stop messing about!"

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