16 July, 2011


Comment is free, but moderation is freer

The CiF homepage link to a fairly unpleasant piece by Polly baying for the blood of more "right-wing" newspaper editors now that (as she seems to think) the Dirty Digger has been effectively vanquished,

The same about 20 minutes later,

Whatever the plausible explanations for comments simply disappearing without trace — the last excuse I saw was that when a naughty comment is deleted any further comments that refer to it are also liable to deletion but whereas the original offending comment is replaced by the naughty message the referring comments simply dis-ap-pear — well whatever, this is no way to inspire confidence is it now, chaps?

Smacks of jiggery, if you ask me, and while I personally wouldn't go so far as to impute pokery, as such, well...

It's well worth a quid tomorrow to give a temporary boost to the Mail's circulation and piss off the hypocritical old witch and her leftard followers.

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