03 May, 2011



No, not another of my notoriously obscure jokes, you'll be glad to hear.

I think a short break from the relentless (and repetitive) gloom and doom of the news and politics blogosphere is in order, in the probably vain hope of resetting my sense of perspective. Until the end of May, my Internet use will be largely limited to reading email, paying bills and reading the occasional Wikipedia page, the more abstruse the better.

Apart from which I have strained my wanking, er, right arm, and typing one-handed is a pain.

Back in June.

Look forward to seeing you back, refreshed! :)

Have a nice rest and I hope you feel better soon.

Missing you already!!

Make sure the dog doesn't shake itself dry inside the house.

See you soon!

Enjoy your break, hope you come back a bit less pompous.

Enjoy your break, hope you come back a bit less willing to suffer fools gladly.

'Tis June...

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