07 April, 2011


This could get nasty

Today's (Thursday's) Times:

The online version is behind the Digger's paywall, of course, but this blog (new to me) offers some excerpts, including

More than sixty schoolgirls in a seaside town were being groomed for sex by a group of men who have been linked with the unsolved disappearance and murder of a 14-year-old, The Times reveals today.

The endemic scale and nature of the sexual exploitation uncovered by police in Blackpool was kept secret. The victims were young white girls; their abusers were non-white workers at takeaway food outlets in the Lancashire town.

The 14-year-old girl being, of course, the late Charlene Downes.

One awaits developments with interest. I don't think they are going to be able to hush it up this time. Or handwave it away as "extremely rare" and/or "white men do it too".

Update (10:45)

And now in the Telegraph,

Andy Rhodes, assistant chief constable of Lancashire Police, was quoted as saying that while offenders come from a variety of backgrounds, "in some areas the number of Asian offenders is disproportionate to the population".

Er, White men do it too. I say, White men do it too. Oh alright, have it your own way.

Mick Gradwell, a former detective superintendent with Lancashire Police, told The Times officers had long been aware that girls in Blackpool, Blackburn and Burnley were being “passed around like toys for sexual gratification” but that investigations were being hampered by political correctness.

Really? Well, oo'da thowt it? Of course, situations like this are extremely rare and it's important not to exacerbate community tensions that might, you know, play into the hands of far-right extremists.

"I'd just like to reinforce the point that this sort of unfortunate incident is very rare indeed. Central Lancashire is a successful vibrant multicultural society and we are working with community leaders to address their concerns", added Donna Kebab, a spokestart for Fylde Borough Council Department of Bollocks and Waffle.

Have you been to Blackpool recently? I was chatting with someone who went there for a day trip from his home in Preston recently.

He caught the 2pm train home.

So, the good old Lancashire Telegraph story may be true as well, then..?

How much of this is going on, and desperately being hushed up?

XX I don't think they are going to be able to hush it up this time. Or handwave it away as "extremely rare" and/or "white men do it too".XX

But, they will any way, and their scum bag arse bandits, the media, will play along exactly as the boss (Commyron, and his gang of parliamentary shit riveters) tells them to.

Thanks for the link to the 'Islam versus Europe' blog Edwin. The blogger (who has a North African sounding name, interestingly)deserves thanks for excerpting the gist of this story from under the Murdoch paywall.
S/he is also spot on in describing the world view inhabited by Harry's Place-

'Harry's Place does what it usually does: play the same old leftist game of drawing a line in the sand and claiming that anyone who steps over it is evil; it simply draws the line a little further back than the typical leftist crowd. In other words, they encourage recognition of the fact that it there is actually a problem related to Islam and anti-gay bigotry; but insist the problem relates only to "extremists" and "islamists". Anyone who tries to draw deeper conclusions than that must be cast into the moral abyss and be branded a thought criminal.'

"The blogger (who has a North African sounding name,..."

Actually, Mark, Cheradenine Zakalwe is a character in Iain M Banks' novel, Use of Weapons, which through some bizarrely serendipitous coincidence, happens to be sitting on the desk next to me as I type.

Harry's Place seems to have a near schizophrenic difficulty in reconciling its Leftism with its Zionism. It's quite OK for Harry's footsoldiers to have a go at the Muzzies, and they certainly don't hold themselves back in doing so.

But when someone of the "Right" has a go, like the, er, "knuckledragging siegheiling chavscum thugs of the EDL", then they must be shouted down and vilified in the sort of uncompromising language that must surely cause such moderate and measured commentators as Andy Newman, Richard Seymour and Pandit Hundal to blanche.


I have not come across this type of thing in London, have you?

Don't know why, we have enough more vile ethnics than anyone else.

Dunno. It seems to be a predominantly Pakistani, er, cultural practice. South Asians in London tend to be more Indians and Bangladeshis. Perhaps the Pakis don't really have the footprint in London — boys at local schools, taxi drivers, etc to make the operation viable.

(Messrs Albattikhi, a Jordanian, and Raveshi, an Iranian, noted purveyors of the Charleneburger, were obviously just try to integrate with the local culture.)

Then again, who knows what me going on under our noses, as they say?

"Then again, who knows what me going on under our noses..."

Hmm. That bit of accidental mock Jamaican patois should of course read

... what may be going on under our noses...

Unfortunately the inescapable logic of ethnic minority impact assessments means that any police action would be illegal.

'Cheradenine Zakalwe is a character in Iain M Banks' novel, Use of Weapons'.
A proper nom de guerre then.S/he on closer inspection appears to be a collaborative effort, posting very frequently at the 'Islam versus Europe' site and the 'Stop Turkey' site. The posts are variable in quality and are all pretty much on the 'Eurabia' theme- very popular with certain right wing Yanks & Israelis.

Maybe Bengalis do not do this type of thing because they remember what their fellow muslims did to Bengali women during the Indo-Pak-Bengali war of the early 70s?

And now the 'Mail' has the story:

"Four years later another girl, 15-year-old Paige Chivers, also went missing. Detectives believe she was killed like Charlene, whose body has never been found."

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