18 April, 2011


One law for us (part 94)

Emdadur Choudhury, who burned remembrance poppies in the street in London on Armistice Day, was fined £50.

Andrew Ryan, who burned a Qur'an in the street in Carlisle, has been imprisoned for 70 days.

The only substantive difference between the two provocative demonstrations that I can see is that Ryan had borrowed the book from Carlisle public library and is in consequence of his action unable to return it in acceptable condition. He is therefore liable to compensate the library for the cost of replacement. It is not as far as I am aware recorded how Mr Choudhury came by the poppies.

Apart from that the two offences, if offences they be, strike me as pretty well equivalent. This discrepancy in punishment is not acceptable.

Some commentators on the Left have suggested that Qur'an protest burning, as carried out variously by Pastor Jones, Mr Ryan and BNP wallah Siôn Owens, should be severely punished because it is likely to lead to inflamed Muzzie mobs running riot and killing people. That's a curious argument. As one commenter (somewhere or other, I can't remember where) pointed out, if I decided to express my revulsion for Hitler and Nazism by publicly burning a copy of Mein Kampf, would I then be culpable if a group of offended neo-Nazis ran riot in consequence?

Quite soon now, the camel's back is going to snap.

Update (19:10)

The sentencing was reported on the 18:00 news on Radio 4, ie at national level. A minor public order offence in Carlisle? What's this? A salutary warning of the consequences of upsetting the Chosen Ones?

The left always, alway fall back on the racism of low expectations...

Choudhury burns poppies because (I presume) he objects to praise for dead British soldiers who may (but probably were not) were involved in the deaths of Muslims.

But given that the vast majority of Muslims who die violently do so at the hands of other Muslims in their endless religious strifes, may I ask what does he do to protest against them and their actions?

The threat of violence always plays out well for the mosque-itoes.

A propos of nothing, the CiF thread about the Italian who came to the end of his useful idiocy was a corker though.

Taxi for Berchmans !

Words really do fail me, 70 days in prison for what exactly?

The koran is as worthless as used toilet paper.

You are a brave man Andrew Ryan.

I understand from the EDL forum that he's also been fined £50 in addition to the 70 days inside. I've not seen that corroborated elsewhere though.

The sentence has just made the news bulletin in The World Tonight.

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