24 April, 2011


Nominative determinism in action?

Amazing the things you hear on the BBC World Service. Today Peter Day's always slightly breathless In Business programme introduces us to the Hurun "Rich List", an anuual league table of China's feelthy rich, similar to those with which we are already familiar in the decadent West.

Apart from reconfirming my opinion that the Chinese are a dangerous bunch of sneaky Orientals whose legendary inscrutability needs to be tested by kicking them forcefully and repeatedly in the economic bollocks — even if we do have to buy the necessary steel toe-capped boots from the, er, Chinese in the first place — this is of only passing interest apart from one thing.

The Hurun Report is run by an Englishman of presumably Dutch descent called Rupert Hoogewerf.

The anglicized pronunciation of his surname is, as near as damn it, "Huge Worth". Well, certainly if spoken with a Sarf London accent, innit.

OK, I've double-checked the date and you can't get a much more impeccable source than Her Britannic Majesty's Embassy in Beijng. But really... a list of people of huge worth compiled by a geezer called Huge Worth ... is one having one's plonker pulled here?

Oh, sod it, I'm going back to bed.

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