26 April, 2011


The Internet jungle

Look, I know the Internet is a dangerous place, but this is all getting out of hand.

OK, so a couple of female customers at a McDonald's "restaurant" in the States pick a fight with another customer and proceed to kick the living shit out of her. Pure underclass "And in other news" stuff.

OK, so the ringleader in the attack has form for this sort of carry-on. Well, you do need to practise to maintain proper standards of violent abuse, innit.

OK, so the victim turns out to be a conversion job, which adds a certain prurient spiciness to the story. And, heh, it's nice to have your own special interest group to speak up for you:

...transgender activists announced they would be holding a protest outside the Rosedale restaurant at 7pm today.

'Ere, I'm a 63-year-old able-bodied White British heterosexual male. Can I have a special interest group to demonstrate for me, please?

All of this is, regrettably, business as usual. The sort of thing you can read about in the South London Press every week.

But the Mail's latest revelations indicate that the situation in America has ascended to a new level of insanity.

An employee of the "restaurant" videoed the incident on his mobile phone. Fair enough; one can only assume he was gathering evidence so that his manager could conduct a risk assessment.

But then the now former employee, Vernon Hackett, posted his masterpiece online where it
"...attacked hundreds of thousands of viewers."

I can't take any more of this technology stuff. I'm disconnecting the electricity, sharpening my quill pen and laying in a stock of cleft sticks.


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