11 April, 2011


All in a day's work

On the PM programme just now, Eddie Mair is interviewing some chappie called Dr Mark Kennedy. It's a serious enough subject — the deaths of fallen horses running in Saturday's Grand National — but unfortunately what is presumably Dr Kennedy's normal speaking voice sounds exactly like the late Ivor Cutler when declaiming one of his more bizarre poems*.

I trust the excellent Mr Mair is managing to keep a straight face.

* Mind you, all of Ivor Cutler's œuvre is pretty damn bizarre.

Personally, I preferred his brother, Adge Cutler. After his death the Wurzels just weren't the same band.

On the subject of R4 this evening why, if we absolutely must have a bit of Andrew Neatherism, do we have suffer Neil Nunes ?

Surely there must be some suitable alternative who can speak with reasonable intonation ? I switched over.

There's always the Dalai Lama, who also seems to suffer from "detached prosody syndrome", but at least has the excuse of not being a supposedly native speaker of English. As a bonus, his Holiness might treat us to one of his apparently compulsive trademark giggles when reading some especially tragic news item.

Anybody but Dee Sebastian and Sue Montgomery off the World Service, who manage to turn every sentence into a feeble attempt to do a Fenella Fielding impersonation.

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