03 March, 2011


Quote of the day

There's a thread on the EDL forum about Muslim "anger" that the London 2012 Olympic Games will take place during Ramadan. All fairly standard stuff and nothing new, but I do think this comment from thebigcornishman sums things up very nicely,
What have the games got to do with Ramadan anyway; there aren't any daylight eating events are there?

Given the increasing additions to the Olympic roster, it probably won't be long before there are...

I know a woman who hates ramadan. Amazingly she belongs to the Religion of Peace. You see, while the lazy men folk in her house sleep all day (well, they can't eat as Allah would be soooo angry) she goes to work.

Then when she gets home from work, she has to stay up most of the night making meals for the feckless faithful so they can catch up on their meals.

But, she's a woman, and women in islum just don't matter, right?

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