05 March, 2011


Poetic justice?

On the UAF site, we read:

UAF conference postponed: new date coming soon

On the London Patriot site (a local BNP-supporting site), we read:

UAF Conference cancelled: Oh dear how sad…

in which the BNP wallah asserts

A little bird tells me this was down to the efforts of a London Patriotic group who alerted the authorities to possibilities of a riot at the venue and civil disorder on a massive scale by the UAF Party.

If, despite the somewhat hyperbolic and imprecise language, there's any truth in that then it is poetic justice indeed. The UAF spend much of their time contacting venue owners to warn them, in a totally friendly non-threatening way, that if they host a BNP event then there will be spontaneous manifestations of outrage among the local population, or to put it another way, a mob of unwashed UAF crusties will descend on the joint and trash it.

If someone's managed to return the favour, then good.

I have to say I did rather enjoy the sanctimonious outrage evinced by the UAF when the EDL turned up to their anti-BNP gig in Barnsley the other day.

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