31 March, 2011


One law for us...

So then, a bearded Brown nutter in a frock burns remembrance poppies in London and is 'granted' (gotta love that word!) a conviction for a section 5 public order offence and is fined £50. A slapheaded White nutter burns a Qur'an in Carlisle and is granted a Section 4 conviction with a potential sentence of 2 years' imprisonment, the actual sentence yet to be determined.

An unpleasant White scrote mouths off at some unfortunate Brown bystanders and is granted a 10-year CRASBO. And now... And now...


A clutch of Brown Midlands toerags is whisked off to Blackpool for the day (via), just in case they are so offended by the visit of the EDL back in Dudley that they lose control and start hitting people. Unfortunately, when they get to Blackpool, they lose control and start hitting people.

This cannot go on.

And yet despite the false dawn heralded by the election of the Not Really The Labour Party, Honest party, it seems that it will indeed go on...

Clearly the "cuts" are not deep enough yet.

XX when they get to Blackpool, they lose control and start hitting people.XX

Or turning them into kababs.

The 'Mail' has got hold of that story now. Lots of questions to ask.

1) Why were two of them allowed to go despite being on bail? Did they have permission to alter their bail conditions, if any were even imposed?

2) Despite the presence of 'yoof workers' and police, they chanted racial abuse and then not only attacked someone, but attempted to cover it up. What were these putative guardians doing at the time?

3) The brains trust behind it doesn't think it was 'a failure'. Now, I can understand that, being from Sandwell, it's probably unfair of me to expect him to know what 'success' looks like, but why is he still in a job?

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