23 March, 2011


Cloud, meet silver lining

Joy for beat bobbies as minority police groups lose funding

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash doled out to fringe police groups representing homosexuals, women and Muslims is to be axed.

Home Office chiefs said they could no longer afford to fund the minority police groups.

Well, Whoop-de-doo!

But bosses at the staff associations slammed the decision, warning it could lead to their collapse.

Zaheer Ahmed, president of the National Association of ­Muslim Police, said cutting funds would deprive the police of “important religious and cultural voices” and could see policing thrown back to the 1970s.

Well, you'll just have to do your special pleading on your own time, Sunshine. And get ignored, like the rest of us.

As I recall, policing in the 70's was a damn sight better than it is today.

Blimey. If it's that important to them, they'll figure out a way of funding it. Their own pockets would be a great start.

And having meetings and discussions outside of office hours on their own time.

Quite. If self-identified groups of coppers want to gather together for a group wallow in their respective grievance, be they Black supremacists, White supremacists, Gay Muslims or even Quaker Esperantists, then that's fine by me.

Just don't expect the rest of us to pay for it, or to take any notice of your whinges.

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