16 March, 2011


CiF comments of the day

From the appropriately pointless Hannah Pool piece about "Midsomergate"

You wait till the Mods get back from lunch, my lad.

And from the unnecessarily combative tribute to the late Smiley Culture by Dotun "Is it because I is Black" Adebayo:

Quite. Let's also remember that this man died while being arrested in connection with the sale of class A drugs. He was no saint. The IPCC will no doubt investigate and irrespective of their findings the "Black community" will believe that he was murdered by the Babylon. Or the National Front. Or the perpetrators of the "New Cross bombing". Or whatever.

Some of the commenters are upset at the presence of negative comments from what one commenter describes as "the snide web racists on here". If the Guardian had wanted a cosy obituarial pæan to the unfortunate Mr Emmanuel, maybe they shouldn't have chosen a confrontational race-hustler to write it. Perhaps somebody like Rodigan might have produced a more neutral piece. Who knows? Not really my field of expertise.

Dotun a may be a 'race hustler' but all this 'our people' stuff, well... doesn't really suit the son of nigerian oil people, bought up in hampstead.

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