26 February, 2011


The sound of worms turning

Muslim student unhappy after police check at airport

Nicely posed photograph. Very Topshop or modern-day Marks & Spencer. I found myself waiting for the animation to start properly. Perhaps Twiggy and a corps of tastefully attired dancers, followed by some text along the lines of "The best dressed Islamists get their suicide belts at Your M&S".

Anyway, enough of that. It's the last two paragraphs which catch the eye.
A Heathrow Police spokesman said: “If he feels uncomfortable with the way he was treated he should contact Heathrow Police and we would be happy to go through our policies with him.

“What happened to him sounds like day-to-day policing at Heathrow and other major airports. We are all bound by the same laws and police are mindful of terrorist threats in the current age.”
Not a lot of appeasement there, is there?

Pedant's corner: Note the absence of a closing quotation mark at the end of the first paragraph (ie after '... go through our policies with him.') It's nice to see a local paper getting something right for once. Bonus point to the South Wales Echo, whatever their politics.

The matter that causes me greatest concern with respect to Mr Syed is the fact that he is studying to become a dentist. For some reason, the prospect of Syed - the 'religious scholar' respecting President of Cardiff University's Islamic Society - treating non-Muslim patients brings to mind a line from a certain film: "Is it safe?"

Yes, that particular uneasiness did cross my mind, too.

"Muslim student unhappy..."

That's surely the most typed phrase in any newspaper these days, isn't it?

Surely that honour must go to "vulnerable people" ?

The twat has his own muzzie comrades to blame for airport security measures that we ALL have to endure.

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