08 February, 2011



When a CiF article by that well-known moderate™ Muslim academic Tariq Modood was posted yesterday evening, it ended with the unusual sentence
Comments on this article will be turned on at 9am.
Sure enough, comments were enabled a little after 09:00 today.

As "Yuthugai" puts it in a comment which at the time of writing remains in place.
8 February 2011 10:44AM

Frankly an article where "comment is free" which openly states that it will only allow comment after such a time when they can round up enough moderators to purge dissenting opinion speaks volumes.

Interesting that the Guardian feels unable to allow free speech on certain subjects isn't it.

Well, here's a small sample of the comments which have thus far incurred the moderators' wrath...

I'll leave you to make your own minds up.

I just LOVE CiF columns that are posted with this little disclaimer. You always know that they are so off-the-wall that you are in for a real bunfight.

Good digging Edwin- keep giving the Mods at the Graun the jitters they deserve.

I have had the misfortune of speaking to TM in person, and after the encounter left in a seething rage. Slimy, arrogant, condescending and anti-white (specifically anti-English) he most certainly is.

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