17 January, 2011


Smokescreen time

Right on cue, Anne Marie Carrie, incoming chief executive at Barnardo's, has published a CiF piece deploying the "White men do it too" distraction tactic, bigging up the current focus on Pakistani grooming gangs into a national and pan-ethnic problem.

I have spoken to the man standing at the bar with the pint of Foster's and the bag of cheese and onion, and while he agrees that child sex-abuse is a universal problem or, "Yer, well, there's bleedin' scumbags and nonces in every community, mate", as he succinctly put it, he continues to regard "Groups of Pakis cruising round in Beemers looking for young White girls to corrupt and turn into prostitutes" as a discrete and identifiable problem with specific racial and cultural elements and which needs to be addressed separately.

The response of the liberal elite was as predictable as it is shameful. Shameful in that not only does it attempt to shift the focus away from a genuine problem which has wanted attention for decades, but that these Righteous fools are prepared to risk fomenting an unnecessary national hysteria in order to mask their embarrassment. Clearly the spirit of Rebekah Wade is not dead. I look forward to reports of enraged illiterate lynch mobs roaming the countryside in search of faculties of suspected pædiatricians once again as the Pakistani grooming gangs continue to ply their trade with impunity in their northern fastnesses. They'll be getting a lottery grant for it, next.

Spot on again Edwin. In both the 'Aaliyah' & 'Emma' cases Ms Carrie retells she simply refers to their corrupters as 'men'. Full marks there for playing to the feminist gallery, whilst simultaneously avoiding any mention of the abusers' ethnic or cultural backgrounds. The PC twostep mastered to perfection here.

However further on she writes- 'It is 16 years since Barnardo's opened its first service dedicated to sexually exploited children in Bradford'.

Hmm... now, I wonder, why was Bradford chosen for this groundbreaking initiative ?

Ms Carrie clearly still has a few things to learn about inadvertently giving the game away.

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