28 January, 2011


The serendipity of the Internong

Your mileage may vary, as they say, as to whether this represents serendipity. But that apart...

A little over a year ago I got from the opening hours of my usual supermarket to unorthodox disciplinary methods in the Thai police force in three steps, one of which, it has to be admitted, was not a clicked hyperlink but a Wikipedia look-up inspired by what I was reading.

Today I got from an adulatory report at the main EDL forum on Katie Hopkins' robust performance on Question Time to a Metro article entitled "Celebs to be fed crocodile penis" after typing "Katie Hopkins" into Google. I am not a regular viewer of The Apprentice so I was only vaguely familiar with this woman and her exploits. The Google result page included this

Intrigued by the fourth image, which doesn't quite gel with one's expectations of Sir Alan's pushy young hopefuls, I clicked through it. I mean, can you imagine the redoubtable Ruth Badger posing déshabillée on a couch like that? Well, perhaps you'd rather not.

Turns out that it's not a picture of Katie Hopkins but of a tottyliciously photogenic fellow prospective contestant on I'm a Publicity Seeker, Don't Get Me Out Of Here Too Soon.

But there you go.

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