03 January, 2011


Is this a record?

One of Sunny-ji's lesser, but still irritating, faults is his practice of conflating actual direct reader comments on his two blogs, Pickled Politics and Liberal Conspiracy, with incoming references such as retweets into a single combined total. At the time of writing, this three-hour-old post at PP is advertised as already having a whopping 58 comments. When you open up the post it turns out there is only one actual, lonely, reader comment and 57 incoming references.

Nothing wrong with listing incoming links if you want to prove how jolly popular you are, Sunny, but this stuff is dishonest.

And how many of those links are people pointing and laughing at the article..?

Now I hadn't thought of that.

I now have the image of Sunny standing on a stage as the audience throws rotten fruit and veg at him, and saying, "Look, they love me! They are offering me food!" as his saner colleagues cower in the wings.

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