21 January, 2011


Choosing the right word

CallMeDave's token muslima Sayeeda Warsi complains that prejudice against Muslims has become salonfähig in the UK. I think the word you are groping for, dear, is postjudice. We have observed the attitudes and behaviours which are widespread among our Muslim guests over the past 40 years and we do not like what we see; there is no prejudice involved.

The citations in the Wiktionary entry for postjudice are interesting. Check them out. To the extent that the word has an established meaning, it is not an entirely positive one: postjudiced views might still be to a greater or lesser extent unfair or unjustified, but they are at least grounded in observation and evidence, not spirited out of thin air and hate as is implied by the term 'prejudiced'.

Yes, I stick a label on myself saying that I subscribe to an ideology with numerous established tenets, but don't dare assume anything about me or what I believe just because I have attached that label to myself.

After all we don't do that with people who describe themselves as Labour, Anglican, Conservative, Catholic, Fascist, Marxist, Satanist... erm.

They're just like us really :


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