02 September, 2010


Nostra culpa?

Apparently the High Commissioner of Pakistan is convinced that the three chappies suspected of "spot fixing" in the recent test match are all innocent, 'cos they like told him so, innit. And they are not dropping out of the forthcoming minor matches of the tour because the unresolved accusations of wrongdoing make it inappropriate for them to play, but because of the "mental torture caused by being under suspicion".

So what's the betting that by, say, Monday, the whole thing will be a racist and/or islamophobic plot dreamt up by the evil British ex-colonists, then?

Ain't victimhood poker wonderful? Can I be a victim, please? I'm a Northerner and slightly Irish and I, er, have to wear glasses and, er, that's it for now but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Update (later same evening)

It seems that the ICC has put the boot in by suspending the three players and instituting charges. Haroon Lorgat, head honcho of the ICC, is a South African of Indian (Gujarati) descent. How does that one compute under the victimhood rules?

Clearly, Lorgat is some kind of race traitor who's sold out to The Man.

Besides, there's always the M-Card...

It certainly won't render him susceptible to the entreaties of Pakistani players, that's for sure...

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