05 August, 2010


Tales from the Multiculture - WTF edition

General Gordon Place is a landscaped square, or small open park if you prefer, in the centre of Woolwich, named I presume after Gordon of Khartoum, a son of Woolwich back in the days when it was still British. The square is currently undergoing improvement following the semipedestrianization of adjacent streets and the relocation of the bus station. Among the improvements has been a permanent giant TV screen in one corner. It's not entirely obvious what it is for, what benefit it is supposed to confer upon the good burghers of the Occupied Territories. Most of the time it is as useful as the TV screens in Wetherspoons which run Sky News or BBC News 24 all the time with the sound turned down but no subtitles. (Mark you, if you're down your local 'Spoon mid-afternoon at least you can pass the time ogling Kay Burley's bum as she processes purposefully round the Sky studio.)

Anyway, the other day as I passed the Woolwich People's Telescreen on my way to the train station, it was showing a Hindi movie, subtitled in English, to a bemused audience of Nigerians.

Now there's diversity, look you.

Perhaps the council will be pawning it before long....

According the blurb about these improvements on the Council's website, the tarting up of General Gordon Place & nearby Beresford Square will cost £6.6million- not bad for what, in landscaping terms, reminds me of Obama's unchilvalrous remarks about Sarah Palin,and the pointlessness of applying lipstick to a pig.

There is more to come, apparently, including 'a new water feature suitable for children’s play'. I assume this means that, if we get any hot days next summer, pedestrians in Woolwich will feel as confident as pedestrians in Bangkok during Songkhran- perhaps PacaMacs will make a comeback in SE18 when this 'improvement', literally, 'comes on stream'.

BTW the funding for this NuLab nonsense, again according to the Council website, came from the DCLG (Prescott's old fiefdom) & TfL (so the scheme must have been signed off before Boris's axe fell there).

Don't be surprised, Edwin, if next week there's a Nigerian film on, being gawped at distainfully by representatives from Plumstead's Sikh community.

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