20 August, 2010


Half an ear

I really must stop letting the Semi-Detached Mind listen to the wireless as I work. Just now Person's Hour is airing on Radio 4 and there is a discussion about habitual male adultery, or "Men are such Bastards" as I believe it is technically known in female circles.

So why, when the presentoose, Bidisha Eyjafjallajökull, refers to a "serial cheater", do I suddenly have this mental image of Tony the Tiger?

Ah yes,
serial cheater => cereal cheetah => Tony the Tiger
Oh dear. An hour's penance reading CiF for you my boy.

And, my oh my, I'll bet Katherine Whitehorn's splendid accent could cut glass at 400 yards. I wonder if it's ever been measured.

The link to 'English feminists' on Bidisha's wikipedia page has a barrel scraping air about it- I doubt if Lily Allen or Amanda Donohoe owe their public prominence primarily to their being 'English feminists'.

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