03 August, 2010


Auntie holds the line -- just

This morning's Today programme found itself in the awkward position not only of having to report the conviction of 9 men in Manchester for the grooming and pimping of a 14-year-old girl, but also of having to acknowledge that the men were all of "South Asian" (actually Pakistani Muslim) heritage while the victim was "White".

In the damage limitation exercise which ensues, we are treated not only to the predictable "White men commit such crimes too" but the rather more inventive "They target White girls because they would be more readily found out if they targeted girls in their own 'community'". This is not a racially-aggravated crime, we are repeatedly assured.

Nice try but no cigar. If that is the case, why are they not targeting victims in the Hindu, Sikh and the plentiful Black "communities" where similar arguments might be applied? Partly, I suspect, because the retribution from their own and other minority communities might be rather more unpleasant than modest terms of imprisonment. And partly because these are acts of anti-White racism. White girls are worthless slags, little more than subhuman prey to be exploited.

While we're listening to the BBC, I notice there were a couple of EDL gigs over the past few days, one fixture in London against the Muslim Defence League (I think) and a demonstration in Blackpool about the still unresolved issue of the death of Charlene Downes. While we hear nothing of these from Auntie, we do however hear the non-story of some nutters in Manchester going round throwing white powder (which turns out to be harmless) over the vehicles and persons of Black men, a serious matter which the police are treating as racially motivated.

Funny old world, innit?

Any fool can see similarities between this terrible case and those of Charlene Downes in Blackpool &(to a lesser extent) Mary Ann Leneghan in Reading.

The girls are all underage, white & 'underclass' in demographic terms, and are victims of predation by youngish men of non European ethnic background (save for Krasniqi in the Leneghan case- an Albanian) who are also, largely, of muslim religious background. In reporting such cases the Beeb are deliberately not joining the dots, and are so arrogant with their 'move along, nothing to see here' attitude that they think the public doesn't notice.

The Downes & Leneghan cases essentially stay on the radar because the girls died , although even here, as Laban pointed out a couple of years ago, wikipedia does its best to flush these cases down the memory hole on 'lack of notability' grounds.

BTW in our SE London back yard there was a very nasty gang rape on the Ferrier a couple of years ago involving,yes, an underage white girl and several late teen males of assorted non white ethnicities. It made the local press and TV, but didn't get national coverage, again, presumably, because of its 'lack of notability'.

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