01 July, 2010


Quote of the day

From a Pickled Politics comment thread, this contribution from "AF" (aka "Abu Faris"?)
Only Brown and Black people are allowed to make critical remarks about other Brown and Black people – and only after their remarks have been passed by Sunny, the Ali G of identity politics.

Tell us it ain’t so, Sunny.
(My emphasis)

Just thought I'd preserve that for posterity before Sunny finds time in his busy schedule to carry out his (standard) threat to delete it.

An awful thought has just struck me. I've been referring to the Ineffable One as "Sunny Ji". Should I be writing "Sunny G" instead? Oh the shame of it. The thin sheen of intellectual plausibility wiped away. Exposed at last as the orthographically challenged knuckledragging troll that I truly am, I abase myself in contrition before the Righteous.

Or something.

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