24 July, 2010


As ye sow, ladies

Wherever all the po-faced liberal heartsearching about "banning the burqa" may lead us, it's hard not to feel a certain quietly smug retributive satisfaction at this story, in which a couple of young Muslimas are chucked off a London bus because one of them was wearing a niqab. As many of the commenting readers point out, this seems fair revenge for the numerous reported cases of Muslim bus drivers rejecting passengers' dogs, including assistance dogs.

Whatever the Qur'an, the Hadith or even Old King Cole may or may not prescribe about female dress, if Muslims choose to assert their religious and cultural identity, they cannot complain when indigenous Europeans choose to assert theirs in turn. And when the two come into conflict, then I'm afraid Murray's Law applies: our gaff, our rules.

More of this, I say.

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