07 July, 2010


Ah, now I understand

There's a rash of programmes about London on Radio 4 at the moment. Mostly, directly or indirectly, about "celebrating diversity". In one recent example Andrea Levy was telling about her Jamaican father's complaints about how difficult it was to get guavas and other exotic fruit and veg. in London in the bad old days and how restricted was the range of boring old English veg. at the greengrocers. Nowadays, Andrea reassured us, everything was so much better and the most exotic produce your heart might desire was to be had at every street corner.

Ah! As a thick boring pallid indigene, I think I am at last beginning to understand what this diversity business means.

London's wonderful vibrant hyperdiversity means the opportunity to be patronized by foreigners from all over the world without leaving Zones 1-6.

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