15 March, 2010


Sun and NotW subs, eat your hearts out!

Take a look at the graphic link at the right-hand side of today's Liberal Conspiracy homepage,

"TOP STORY: Asylum Seekers Tortured in UK", the caption proclaims. That's pretty shocking stuff, isn't it? What images does it summon up for you? Waterboarding of traumatized Third World refugees by evil Serco goons? Sleep deprivation? Beatings? Electrodes applied to the genitals in secret dungeons at Yarl's Wood? Finger- and toenails yanked out with pincers by laughing fascist thugs at Colnbrook?

Click through to the linked Observer piece, which begins
Torture survivors seeking sanctuary in Britain are being wrongly held in government detention centres, despite independent medical evidence supporting claims of brutal violence against them in their home countries.
In fact the piece is about disagreement between UKBA and non-Governmental assessors and pressure groups over individual assessments of claimed torture in the countries from which the asylum seekers are fleeing.

Further down the Observer piece a detained Zimbabwean asylum seeker is quoted as saying
"The officers are racist and are not sympathetic. We have suffered and don't want to be tortured here, but inside here it is a form of torture but nobody can see us locked up."

Hardly amounts to "Asylum Seekers Tortured in UK", does it?

Do you remember a few years ago, when more of the same poor dears were tortured, in British custody, to the point where they couldn't take it any more and were simply forced to go on a violent rampage, burning the detention centre which comfrtably housed them at our expense to the ground?

The form of torture I'm referring to, of course, was not having access to certain brands of the nation's favourite biscuits, including custard creams.

The UKBA and its private goons certainly put the KGB, Stasi and Gestapo to shame! I'm sure even Bushitler could have learned a thing or two from these despicable monsters.

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