07 December, 2009



Well, somebody's going to call it that, aren't they? In fact I'm suprised Sunny hasn't already claimed the neologistic laurels; he seems to be inordinately fond of the -gate construction. (Though he's not having much success in punting his mildly suggestive "Liddle Rod" sobriquet for the Chubby Irritant, is he?)

Anyway, as Liddle calls down upon his head the Massed Ire of the Righteous for making the unremarkable observation, admittedly in a somewhat ham-fisted way, that the face of violent crime in London is disproportionately Black, I would like to lay before the jury this interesting comment to Mr Liddle's follow-up post at the Speccie,
Retiring Copper December 7th, 2009 9:34am

I recall a poster (not on view to the public) inside the report writing room of our police station, showing the 40 most wanted for street robberies. 33 of the faces were black males. One black female. 5 asian males and one white male.

If this were to have been made public we'd have been branded 'racist', so nobody said a word.

That was in 2005. I've no reason to believe the situation is any different now.

Anecdotal it may be, but you can stuff that one right up your official statistics.

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