09 December, 2009


I know what I like...

... and I don't have to justify it to you.

Listening to a tedious Midweek on the steam wireless, where Libby Purves and Jacqui Dankworth are telling each other that people are "afraid of [modern] jazz". As if this were some kind of deficiency, a regrettable if predictable failure of the uncultchered plebs that might respond to counselling and re-education.

Perhaps they just don't, you know, like it.


If modern Jazz means Jazz-Funk then this uncultured pleb has always liked it. Ever since he first heard it.

On the other hand my wife, who is probably considerably more cultured than I am, has always dismissed it as 'Lift Muzak'.

But afraid of modern jazz?



Indeed. I'm quite partial to most jazz except the particularly recherché variety which says essentially, "I'm going to sit down at this piano / pick up this saxophone and play notes at random and you lot are going to be so scared of showing your higgerance that you'll applaud this self-indulgent bollocks at the end".

In other words the jazz equivalent of most of the atonal "serious" music of the 20th century.

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