26 October, 2009


And today's smear is...

Sunny gleefully points us towards today's shock horror BNP revelation from the Mail

Nick Griffin: Video that proves BNP leader joked about black people 'walking like monkeys'

Well now, I took the trouble to read the Mail piece and watch the video clip. The background noise on the clip renders the words barely audible, but the Mail kindly provides a transcript and some context:

The crucial comments come in a segment when Griffin is reminiscing about the jokes he shared with a fellow boxer when he was studying at Cambridge University.

During the excerpt Griffin recounts a conversation he had with a Nigerian student called Dr Larry Amure, who is quoted as talking about West Indians.

Griffin says: 'He said 'these West Indians, they make me ashamed to be black and they walk like monkeys", which is quite funny.'

So Griffin did not actually describe Black people as "walking like monkeys". He was quoting someone else, someone who indeed was a Black man himself. Though it is fair to say that Griffin clearly enjoyed and approved of the "joke".

The Black man who apparently originated the comment was a Nigerian and he was talking specifically about West Indians (Afro-Caribbeans to younger readers). I wonder if Dominic Carman, the journalist who originated this juicy little titbit about the country's second most "popular" one-eyed politician, has ever met any Nigerians. Like most West Africans, they despise Afro-Caribbeans. "Monkey" is a comparatively mild slur. West Africans are more likely to dismiss West Indians as "Slaves", a particularly nasty reference to the fact the West Africans' ancestors sold the West Indians' ancestors to White men for transportation via the Middle Passage.

Conclusion #1: If we're handing out black marks (if you'll pardon the expression) for racism, let's distribute them fairly, shall we?

The other point worthing making is that young Afro-Caribbean males do walk like monkeys. Many of them walk with a bowling gait, rocking exaggeratedly from side to side with each step and trying to look simultaneously cool and menacing. It's an affectation, probably imported from the US. Go on. Admit it, you've seen them doing it. It looks stupid and it is remarkably reminiscent of the gait of a chimpanzee. You'd need a heart made of pure refined righteous political correctness not to want to laugh.

This reminds me very much of the fatuous furore surrounding ageing but cuddly shock-jockette Sarah Kennedy, who claimed to have difficulty seeing Black people in the dark. The world and his editor duly reared up in righteous affront.

Of course it's harder to see Black people than White in the dark, or more precisely in conditions of very low ambient light. This is because their skins, being darker, reflect less of such ambient light as is available. Basic O-Level physics, FFS.

Conclusion #2: Take care to distinguish simple observations of fact from insults, particularly if you are a hypersensitive victimhood junkie.

In the run-up to this year's Euro-elections, the whole MSM conducted a steady smear campaign against Griffin and his cohorts, with at least one smear a day being issued by the Government's Anti-BNP Propaganda Agency, commonly known as Searchlight, for publication "exclusive to all newspapers" (© Lord Gnome). You'd have expected that after the elections the flow would ease up a little, but it has continued at almost the same rate. Are the political elite scared of something, one wonders.

Nick Griffin's fellow Cambridge student , the Nigerian Dr Larry Amure, seems to be a man in the Dillibe Onyeama mould. (He wrote the 'Nigger' series of books in the 70s, now all out of print- for fairly obvious reasons).

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