18 August, 2009


What's going on here then?

Irredeemable and unsavoury thug that I am, I read not only Lancaster Unity but also Stormfront Britain, while taking neither at face value.

The latter forum carries a report of a spot of bother in Luton over the weekend. The following newspaper report apparently appeared only in the print edition of the Sun, presumably yesterday, but I can find no other MSM references to it on-line.
Race riot 'cover-up'

A police force slammed for being politically correct tried to COVER UP a weekend race riot.

More than 60 Asians were said to have stormed a quiet pub where families gathered after a football game.

Several people were beaten up as terrified women and kids fled.

But Bedfordshire cops, who sent in 100 officers, said the Luton attack "did not warrant comment."

Steve Dann, 26, who was hit by a bottle in the incident, said: "There was blood everywhere."

Earlier this year cops stood by as Muslim fanatics abused hero British soldiers on a homecoming parade in the town.
(Image of newspaper article from Stormfront site)

A separate source identifies the pub as the White House. I don't know Luton. Does this refer to the Wetherspoon?

Does anybody know any more about this incident? If the report is accurate I for one would be disinclined to agree with the police comment that the attack "did not warrant comment." I would also find myself wondering, albeit for no more than a couple of milliseconds, why the incident has not received much wider coverage in the mainstream meeja.


(Yes, yes, I know I should have read the thread properly before rushing to post.)

It does seem to be the Wetherspoon in the town centre. One of the Stormfronters offers this second-hand "eye-witness" report,
[My mate] was down there about 7pm, a load of pakis (he didn't think as many as 60) came down and tried to kick off, a load of guys in the pub offered them out and gave a few of them a kicking, this turned into running battles outside the pub. The police were there in numbers (again he thought less than 100) with dogs-a-plenty and it was eventually broken up. His mates know some 'pub fighter' types around town who were not fazed and said that these guys had come down looking for a fight....and got one!
So perhaps not quite as dramatic as the newspaper report suggests, but still significant enough IMAO to warrant wider coverage. Now if large groups of "Asian" lads are prowling round looking for a fight with their White equivalents like this, one does wonder if harmonious race relations in Luton are really marred only by a handful of bearded men in frocks who are rightly shunned by the majority of peace-loving Muslims, plus a sprinkling of hateful NF/BNP knuckledraggers out to cause trouble, as the meeja would have us believe. Just how much of this sort of thing is going on unreported across the country?

Surprised not to have seen anything on it at 'Pickled Politics'.

Oh, wait. No, 'surprise' is the wrong word there...

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