07 July, 2009


An act of wanton cruelty

The Croydonian points us in the direction of this bit of lunacy.
The tree was given to the city in 1942 as a birthday gift from Hitler to the then-head of the town council, said 80-year-old Kazimierz Polak, who was an eyewitness to the planting. Local politicians have called for the tree to be removed.

β€œThe tree remembers the biggest criminal in the history of mankind,” Jaslo mayor Maria Kurovska told a Polish newspaper. She has ordered the oak to be chopped down and publicly burned.
If the tree actually remembers Mr Hitler, despite being presumably barely more than an acorn at the time, then it is clearly a sentient and intelligent being and must not be subjected to this vicious act of arboricide.

There is a serious breach of arboreal rights here. The ECAR must rule on the issue.


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