02 June, 2009


AdSense strikes again

On Pickled Politics, Sunny has a vaguely sensible post (for once) on the stellar contribution of this morning's Guardian letter signed by Gordon "Competence" Brown and a bizarre ragbag of people of minimal consequence, urging Guardian readers not to vote for "that party".

Part-way down the comment thread is the following comment:

So out of curiosity I scroll up to look at the Google Ads currently displayed on the page, only to find this:

Oh, dear!

Update 03 June

As requested by Laban in the comments:

I don't know, what's the world coming to? Is a gentleman's word to be doubted in these dark days?

haven't you got a full screen dump - showing the rest of the page ?


Thanks for giving me good laugh.

In the same way though, I am always entertained by the Muslim dating agency ads that appear on the Brussels Journal site.

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