18 February, 2009


What is Derek Draper on?

On the bizarre Labour party-sponsored blog Labour List, inept spokesfool Derek Draper claims not only to have "held Iain Dale to account" over his support for La Thatcher in the Gollygate nonsense, but also (in this unsigned post) to have forced Guido Fawkes to "take down" supposedly racist submissions to one of his caption competition posts.

Held to account, eh? A phrase which implies authority or mandate. What you mean, Derek, you self-important fool, is that you disagreed with Iain and said so.

As to the Guido Fawkes post, I take it you mean this one. Well, as far as I can see, not only is the post still there, but all of the comments that you disapprove of (or as many of them as I can be arsed to cross-check, to be precise) are still in place. You're living in a fantasy world, Del Boy.

Most of the comments to Guido's post are pretty tedious, to be honest; a few are mildly amusing. Why are you making such an unholy self-righteous fuss?

There are rumours that Derek the Dreamer is to be removed from his position on the excruciatingly incompetent Labour List. I do hope not. Both he and it are national treasures and should be preserved for the nation.

Kate Garraway ?

Good God, I didn't make that connection. I shall never be able to bring myself to watch GMTV again.

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