28 February, 2009


Voting BNP caused Black Death, apparently

The usual end-of-the-world-is-nigh overreaction to the election of a BNP councillor in Swanley is reported in the local press, but this response from a Labour apparatchik takes hysteria to quite splendid new heights:
Donald Worsley, Labour’s PPC for Folkestone Hythe, said in a letter to Kent on Sunday that the win should serve as a warning that “racism, bigotry and hatred lies stirring in our midst” in Kent.

“The past 100 years has shown us to often what will be the consequences if we ignore such an evil philosophy as propounded by the BNP,” he said.

“Genocide in Ruanda... and the holocaust of the Jews across Europe. Never forgetting the tens of millions killed or raped in two World Wars.”
When will these fools learn that this kind of risible, patronizing hyperbolic claptrap just puts people's backs up (once they - the people - have stopped laughing in this case, that is), as indeed do interventions from self-important snotty-nosed rent-a-Trots who represent nobody except themselves?
The Wealden Progressive Movement, Tunbridge Wells Stop the War coalition and the Kent Green Party are supporting the demonstration opposing the BNP, which starts at 11am in The Mall, a pedestrianised area of London Road.
This sort of carry-on is more likely to provoke people into voting BNP as a gesture of defiance rather than convince them to resile from these terrible people, now unexpectedly and shockingly revealed to a trusting and naïve public as piccaninny-eating crypto-Nazis. The Great British Voter does not like being patronized, especially by scruffy smug left-wing eejits. ("Roll up! Free asylum seeker with every copy of the Socialist Worker!")

Simon Darby will be rubbing his hands with glee at all the free, unintendedly positive, publicity.

Tunbridge Wells Stop the War Coalition, eh? Do they allow that sort of thing down in Tun Wells? I'll bet "Disgusted of" is positively apoplectic and is sharpening his quill at this very moment.

(Update: post re-edited 07 Mar 09 for clarity and added venom.)

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