18 February, 2009


Nothing changes

Slightly patronizing programme about "working class identity" (short 'a' mandatory here!) on the steam wireless, using Manchester as the example of a typically "working class" environment. I liked this comment from one of the interviewees:
"Being from Manchester you can't get tickets for Man U. You have to have an Irish passport for that."
So nothing changes, then. Even after all these years, my three-quarters English Protestant heritage outvotes my one-quarter Northern Irish Catholic heritage and I still could never quite countenance the idea of supporting Manchester United. As far as the dustier reaches of my cortex are concerned they a still a bunch of bloody left-footed Mick bastards! Old prejudices die very hard indeed.

And our leaders think they can create "community cohesion" through a combination of exhortation, political terror and legislation? Pshaw!

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